How can you possibly study when . . .

How can you possibly study when . . . your phone rings in the morning and you hear a woman screaming on the other end.

“Pastor!! Save Us!! Pastor, they are going to burn us!! They are going to kill us!! Please, please come quick to deliver us!! You are our only hope!!”

That’s how yesterday started for my colleague Phoebe, who pastors a church across town. Mobs had surrounded the house of a family of nine, including a two-week old baby from her church. After listening to the pleading for a minute or so, Phoebe switched off the phone, and took a deep breath. There’s no way she could do anything for this family all the way across town. She prayed quickly then called the police station for that area of town, urging them to rush to the rescue. Then she called an elder in her church who lives in that area. Finally, she called the family back and just prayed with them, pleading “God, restrain them.” The glass in all the windows had been broken, all that was left was for the angry mob to kick the door down, torch the house, and end the lives of these poor, innocent people.

Suddenly without explanation, the mob left and the family fled to safety. They left everything behind.

No sooner had Phoebe hung up when her phone rang again.

“Hi Mom”

“I’m officially engaged!!”

2 thoughts on “How can you possibly study when . . .

  1. Shmouel says:

    Juste pour te feliciter pour l’ouverture de ce blog. Merci pour le temoignage de Phoebe. C’est un grand temoignage et nous rendons grace au Seigneur d’avoir pu epargner la vie a cette famille. Bon courage a toi et a ta famille. Shmouel

  2. […] Dickson also pastor a church plant in one of Nairobi’s poorer slums. (See for example this heart-rending story from the period of post-election violence.) […]

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