Following are some links to bibliographies related specifically to my own study. The purpose of these bibliographies is to provide a list – easily accessible on-line – of many works in the field. Please “comment” to suggest other books that I should add to these bibliographies, thanks.

Check Google books for the table of contents, limited previews, reviews, references on web pages, popular passages, related books, where the book can be purchased on-line, and where to find it in a library near you.

Many good on-line reviews can be found at the Review of Biblical Literature (RBL).

African Christianity
African Christianity (by date)

Acts (by date)


Early Christianity
Early Christianity and Judaism
Early Christianity and Judaism (by date)

Eschatology – NT

Ethnicity; Ethnicity in the Bible

Hermeneutics (by date)
Hermeneutics – NT
Hermeneutics – NT (by date)

Luke-Acts (by date)
Luke-Acts: Eschatology
Luke-Acts: Eschatology (by date)
Luke-Acts: Israel, Judeans


Restoration of Israel


Social identity; Social Identity in the Bible

One thought on “Bibliographies

  1. Dan Howard says:

    May I suggest a helpful preaching guide to Acts: “The Word of His Grace” by Chris Green, IVP 2005. Thanks for your lists!

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