A quick reference to biblical studies journals available on-line (EBSCO, JSTOR, Cambridge, Oxford, etc.)

Over the last few years, I’ve developed a quick reference document to help me streamline the process of searching for on-line articles. Whenever I identify an article through a bibliography, footnote, or the ATLA religion database, I scan the attached “Quick Reference” and decide where (and if) I can obtain the article from EBSCO, JSTOR, Oxford, Wiley, Cambridge, University of Chicago, or even free from an on-line website).

**On-line journals – biblical studies (PDF) (Word)

Journals for church, missions, Christian education, Linguistics, Africa, and social sciences–less comprehensive (PDF)(Word)

Tyndale House Library has a more comprehensive list of biblical studies journals here–about 550 journals. (They include all the ones that are only available by hard-copy library subscription.)

(Note also: BTB, ExpT, JSNT, JSOT, JSP and other biblical studies journals are often available for FREE from Sage publications 2x a year – usually in November and sometime in the spring.)

The document looks something like this for 170 different journals:

AUSS Andrews University Seminary Studies http://auss.info/
Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics EBSCO/ATLAS
Association of Jewish Studies Review
JSTOR 1976-2002Cambridge: 2002-
Athenian Agora JSTOR 1953-1998
Baptist History and Heritage EBSCO/ATLAS
Bib Biblica – http://www.bsw.org/project/biblica/ WEBSITE 1998-

I’ve posted this as a brief example (click on attached links for the full document in word or PDF.)

On-line journals – biblical studies (PDF)

On-line journals – biblical studies (Word)

This quick reference will be most valuable students and staff of institutions that subscribe to EBSCO, JSTOR, Oxford, Cambridge, University of Chicago, and Wiley but don’t have an integrative web search.

For those of you who live in the land of fast “instant-response” internet, this probably isn’t an issue, but some of us in the rest of the world cannot afford to wade through multiple searches trying to find a particular journal.


  • EBSCO – Now includes ATLAS*. Dates listed for EBSCO are starting dates only.
  • JSTOR– (most recent articles not normally available; 3-5 year moving wall)[1]
    – holdings on Classical Studies, Literature (not fully listed here)
  • Oxford – normally last 10 years available.
  • Websites: available to the general public (all others through authorized server only).

[Last updated December 2008; Please e-mail errors, additions, and changes to Ben Byerly]

* ATLAS references with a “*” are missing some titles. http://www.atla.com/products/titles/titles_atlas.html

[1] The majority of journals in the JSTOR archive have moving walls of between 3 and 5 years, but publishers may elect walls anywhere from zero to 10 years. In other words JSTOR availability will need to be updated each year. – e.g. an end date of 2002 (6 year moving wall) will be 2003 next year (in 2009).

500 expensive academic journals FREE during April (SAGE)

If you are involved in any kind of academic research and aren’t at a school that subscribes to everything, you may want to check out Sage Journals.

Download all your articles for FREE now, or pay $15-$25/per article in May. (It’s your call.)

I’ve been registered for a few years now; and there is no catch or obligation. (No need to unsubscribe later.)

Most of the journals are in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology and Medicine, but for the Bible student, the following are available:

  • Biblical Theology Bulletin
  • Currents in Biblical Research
  • Feminist Theology
  • Irish Theological Quarterly
  • Journal for the Study of the New Testament
  • Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
  • Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha
  • Social Compass
  • Studies in Christian Ethics
  • The Expository Times
  • Transformation

Cognitive and neural foundations of religious beliefs; what an MRI might tell you about your beliefs in God.

There’s a new study out that studies brain activity and religious beliefs – abstract and links.  PDF here (only six pages including pictures). A related article in the Independent gives the bottom line:

. . . people of different religious persuasions and beliefs, as well as atheists, all tended to use the same electrical circuits in the brain to solve a perceived moral conundrum – and the same circuits were used when religiously-inclined people dealt with issues related to God. The study found that several areas of the brain are involved in religious belief.

. . . “There is nothing unique about religious belief in these brain structures. Religion doesn’t have a ‘God spot’ as such, instead it’s embedded in a whole range of other belief systems in the brain that we use everyday,” Professor Grafman said.

Page 1 from the published study results:

Religious belief and behavior are a hallmark of human life, with no accepted animal equivalent, and found in all cultures (1). The biological basis of religion, though, is fiercely debated in fields as diverse as evolutionary psychology, anthropology, genetics, and cosmology. Contemporary psychological theories consider religious belief and behavior as complex brain-based phenomena that may have co-emerged in our species with novel cognitive processes for social cognition, such as Theory of Mind (ToM), and successfully engaged fundamental cognitive mechanisms, such as memory (2–4).


Continue reading

FREE Access to all EUP Journals for 2 months – e.g. “Africa” & “Studies in World Christianity”

The content of all 35 (Edinburgh University Press) EUP journals will be free to all users throughout January and February 2009.

For a full list of EUP journals, go here. I selected out a few you might be interested in (some just for fun ;-).
Africa Bibliography
African Journal of International and Comparative Law
Comparative Critical Studies
Derrida Today
Holy Land Studies: E.g. Emanuel Pfoh On Israel’s Ethnogenesis and Historical Method
International Research in Children’s Literature
Journal of British Cinema and Television
Journal of Qur’anic Studies
Oxford Literary Review
Psychoanalysis and History
Studies in World Christianity
Translation and Literature
Word Structure

Thanks to Ronnie Sim for the heads up.

Africa aims to give increased attention to African production of knowledge, highlighting the work of local African thinkers and writers, emerging social and cultural trends ‘on the ground’, and links between local and national levels of society. At the same time, it maintains its commitment to the theoretically informed analysis of the realities of Africa’s own cultural categories.

[Articles in the first issue in the African intellectuals strand (Africa 78.3) will be available freely online until the end of 2009.]

Free On-line access to all 500 SAGE Journals till 31 Oct 2008

You can now register for free online access to over 500 SAGE journals with content available from 1999–current, until October 31, 2008Register here

Earlier this year, SAGE celebrated the launch of the 500th journal site on the SAGE Journals Online platform. SAGE Journals Online provides users access to one of the largest collections of social science, humanities, and scientific, technical, and medical content in the world. 

Activation takes only seconds and then you can access all 500+ journals on SAGE Journals Online, our award-winning online platform. register here

Some of my favorite publications at Sage include:

Biblical Studies & Theology

Currents in Biblical Research

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha

Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

The Expository Times


Journal of Pentecostal Theology

Studies in Christian Ethics

Some examples of SAGE journals in other fields that interest me:

Race & ClassJournal of Asian and African StudiesCross-Cultural ResearchCultural DynamicsCultural GeographiesCultural SociologyCulture & PsychologyCurrent SociologyDiscourse Studies

DiogenesEthnicitiesEthnographyInternational Journal of Cultural StudiesJournal of Black StudiesLeadershipMemory StudiesManagement in EducationTime & Society, (many, many more)

Obviously, I don’t have time to read all of these, but sometimes it’s worth skimming the contents and  downloading ones you think might be interesting for future reference.

Free online access to Oxford Religion Journals

Here is the announcement:

Oxford Journals is proud to publish a variety of journals in the field of religion. We would like to offer you the exciting opportunity to access these journals with a free online trial subscription. Visit http://www.oxfordjournals.org/page/3288/6 for instructions on how to access these journals, free and with no obligation, from now until December!

The six journals that are available are:

  1. Journal of the American Academy of Religion
  2. Journal of Islamic Studies
  3. Journal of Semitic Studies
  4. Literature and Theology
  5. Journal of Theological Studies
  6. Modern Judiasm

“Your online trial subscription will allow you to access all online articles dating from 1996 to now until 12 December 2008, with no obligation to purchase in the future.” 

Free Access to Sage Journals – Education, Politics, Peace, etc.

Sage is offering FREE temporary access to a number of journals. (Otherwise, articles can be $15-$25 each.) Two categories caught my eye recently: Education (51 journals) and Political Science, International Relations and Public Administration, which includes: Journal of Peace Research, Cooperation and Conflict, International Relations, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Journal of Developing Societies which all have some very relevant articles for our current situation.)

Both offers run through April.

To sign up, click here then choose the category of your interest (there are many, especially medical journals).

PS – I’ve been signed up with sage for years; there’s no catch.