African Christianity

Note1: For the record, there is no such thing as an African Christianity (Try to define “African” or “Christianity”).  As on other continents, there are many Christians with different interpretations of Christian beliefs.

Note2: The titles listed below are my own working bibliography. Please suggest any works you think should be added in the comments section – (author, title). Last updated: 1 May 2008

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See the list of Bibliographies at Theology in Africa

Annotated Bibliography for Theological Education in Africa

(Downloadable PDF)- All books (only) in this bibliography (213 pages;707 titles) were authored by Africans or for Africa (with a few exceptions) and favors books published between 1986 and 2005. Books are listed by academic subject and also by author. Each book is accompanied by notes on availability, price, theological orientation, educational level, subject, review and usefulness. The bibliography is further enhanced by subject and key word indices. (Starcher and Anguandia)

Grant LeMarquand’s – Bibliography of the Bible in Africa (155page PDF) with works at least through 2000.

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The Book List: Africa – general

Bibliography of African Traditional Religions – 55 pages; almost 1000 entries – up to 2001 (Chidi Denis Isizoh)


For a bibliography sorted by date starting with most recent, see:

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