Marital conflict and sorcery

[From Yesterday’s Paper]

Residents of a Naivasha estate recently stumbled on hundreds of underpants and thousands of pictures belonging to locals in a case of suspected witchcraft.

Cats, lizards and other paraphernalia also found in a seer’s house left the locals in fear as word spread like a bushfire through the dusty town.

Both male and female under garments bound together with rotten eggs, razorblades and unidentified stuff littered the one-roomed house in Site estate.

Among the pictures found were those of well-known people in Naivasha town and shocked residents flocked to the house to find out if theirs were there. From the rich to touts and paupers, the pictures ranged from the latest photographic technology to old white and black pictures from the early 1980s.

. . . According to Martha Njoki, a neighbour, the owner of the house took off following the skirmishes that hit the area after the December elections.

“The violence took many by surprise including the owner of the room and he did not have enough time to pack his things,” says Njoki.

“He used to have visitors in the evenings and we thought that they probably came for prayers,” she adds.

She said that many thought the huge softly spoken man was a pastor as he always had a small wooden cross on his chest.

“He spent a lot of time outside the plot chatting with neighbours late into the evening when visitors would start streaming in,” she recalls.

. . . And as the family tries to search for the elusive answers, many in Naivasha are convinced that the so-called ‘preacher’ was indeed a sorcerer and was responsible for many broken marriages.

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All I can say is that you never quite get what you expected when you bargain with the devil.