of gods and geysers; Bogoria stories of origin, Noah’s ark, and the parting of the Red Sea

I’m always on the lookout for African traditional stories. On Sunday the Standard published this one – Myths of Lake Bogoria. Note the similarities to certain biblical stories.

Here are some excerpts:baringo-geysers_090308_01.jpg

Because of its spouting geysers that spurt steam and bubbling geothermal pools, Lake Bogoria is a sight to behold. The geysers give the surrounding rocks a kaleidoscope of colours that leave visitors awestruck.

The local community believes the lake, set at the foot of Laikipia escarpment, is a result of the gods’ retribution against a wayward clan. They say thousands of years ago Continue reading

Picks of the Day – 6 March

The Reformed Confessions – The Augsburg, The Westminister, and the Heidelberg Confessions – audio available for free download from ChristianAudio.com

The Praying Self in the Psalms

We want to live, and we are dying. We want to be in control of our lives, but life happens to us. We want to be with others, but we are unknown and, in our hearts, alone. We need the justification of our existence, but we are questioned, ignored, condemned. In all these matters our relation to God is at stake, and they can be borne and resolved only in the salvation of God.

-James Mays, The Lord Reigns: A Theological Handbook to the Psalms, 44.

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Rivers in the desert (incredible pictures)

How to start a theological revolution (Jim West)

1- Do something which angers the powers that be like eating a sausage at Lent or discounting the Church’s teachings on indulgences.
2- Write. A lot. About every doctrine under the sun.
3- Have friends in high political places.
4- Stir the masses to agree with you by poking fun at the established Church.
5- Be willing to ‘take it on the chin’ and accept contempt.
6- Be willing to make people mad.
7- Be willing to stand by while your enemies are pilloried and if necessary executed.

(I thought he was talking about himself.)

Moses on drugs?!?

A new study says . . . Continue reading