I fear for Kenya

Things in Kenya are very serious again. Details as usual are here (Standard), here (Daily Nation) and here (NYTimes for an American-oriented summary). Be sure to check out the editorials, opinions and commentaries from the Kenyan papers, e.g. “Blood of Innocents Will Be on Your Hands”

For all practical purposes, mediation talks are dead. Unless, Kofi Annan can prevail on the two “big men” to fix it personally, we could be in big trouble. Actually the issues have always been deep, but we all held the false hope that Annan could work a miracle.

In his statement yesterday, Kofi Annan said that if there had been goodwill, these negotiations would have been resolved two weeks ago. He said his move of suspending the talks was intended to speed up the talks, but he had already said that the negotiators were incapable of reaching an agreement. This was classic Annan framing a stern message with words of hope.

Last night, both sides Continue reading