The power of the gospel on a corrupt businessman

Today a very well-known businessman handed over a lucrative five star hotel to the government. Apparently the money he got to originally build the hotel came from a very famous corruption scandal. Still after 14 years of court battles, all the government was able to get was to put the hotel in receivership until they could recover some of the lost revenue. The hotel would then be turned back over to Pattni. Yesterday, however, he signed over the whole thing permanently to the government.

Mr Pattni said his decision to hand over the hotel was informed by his Christian faith.

“I’m losing Grand Regency but gaining peace, integrity and a chance to develop the nation,” said Pattni who is now a Christian. He has since been re-named Paul.”

Full story here and here

One of my friends just said this is one of the clearest signs that his conversion is truly genuine. He stood to gain a lot of money in the long run by hanging onto the property.

UPDATE: There’s always a catch: Pattni claims amnesty deal.