New RBL Reviews (3 Oct.)

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature (RBL):

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Highlights of some of the reviews:

Joel B. Green, 1 Peter. Reviewed by Paul J. Achtemeier who says,

This is an important book, not principally for its commentary on 1 Peter, although the commentary itself is a highly competent piece of work that will prove helpful to anyone who consults it. Rather, it is significant for its way of integrating an understanding obtained by a study of 1 Peter into an understanding of the relation of Christian Scripture, Old and New Testaments, and into the Christian theological enterprise. . .

. . .The second major section of the book (“Theological Horizons of 1 Peter”) begins with a short essay on biblical theology as a discipline, in which he makes a major point for what follows, namely, that since 1 Peter is already “theology,” our task is to see how Peter engaged in theological work  (190, 244).

A second major interest concerns Peter’s “rhetorical strategy.” . .

. . . A third major interest lies in showing how the language of Israel

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