The Bible Style Guide – a handy little resource (and FREE)

Doug Chaplin has pointed our attention to the Bible Style Guide. [Thanks Doug]

The Bible Style Guide is a reference text designed specifically for those working within the media industry [but it can help a lot of others]. It provides a crash course in the Bible for busy journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

Packed with useful facts and figures, it includes handy overviews of issues that often hit the headlines, as well as terms that are often misunderstood.Whether you’re covering Creationism or Zionism, or want to know your apostle from your epistle, The Bible Style Guide is here to help you get started.

Download the Bible Style Guide 2008.pdf  (2.4MB) or, if you are a working journalist in the UK who would like a hard copy free of charge, get in touch.

Like everything else, it’s going to have its idiosyncrasies, at first glance, it looks like a great little resource [75 pages].

Note: I someo=how missed when I first skimmed Doug’s post in my Google Reader (Fortunately, David Kershared it on the Bible Behemoth, so I took a second look.)

Note: I somehow missed when I first skimmed Doug’s post in my Google Reader (Fortunately, David Ker shared it on the Bible Behemoth, so I took a second look.)

Table of Contents:

1.0 Fast Facts
2.0 Factual accuracy and the Bible
3.0 directory AN A–Z OF BIBLICAL TERMS
4.0 Question Time: Interpreting the Bible
5.0 PUBLIC or PRIVAT e: what’s the Bible for?
6.0 Designer collections:  How the Bible came together
7.0 Berliner or broadsheet? Translating and producing the Bible
8.0 Sacred editorial: the Bible as a book from God
9.0 Chinese whispers? Changes to the biblical text