A missionary at a bargain

This is how much it costs to support an African missionary to northern Mozambique – our Kenyan friend Patrick‘s missionary budget:

ITEM Monthly Annual
Family expenses $265 $3,180
Housing/Rent $65 $780
Language Learning $65 $780
Residence Permit $40 $480
TOTAL $435 $5220

Mission: Plant culturally relevant, sensitive, and vibrant churches among the un-reached M*slim peoples of Mozambique


  • Outreach: Church planting among the un-reached M*slem peoples starting with the Mwani
  • Discipleship: In churches/colleges
  • Mission education: In Churches, Bible schools, and colleges; for the church in Mozambique to take responsibility for Missionary outreach.
  • Need based/focused research: Issues of Isl*m, African Traditional Religions (ATR), and un-reached peoples

From his survey trip, Patrick reports: “There were many unreached people, especially in the northern coastal regions of Mozambique. . . . Existing churches lack adequate leadership. One church leader said that his denomination had 120 congregations in one region with only seven pastors (only four of these are even trained at a diploma level [Associates degree]). The Christians there have a great thirst for God’s word . . . ”

If you are interested in helping support this effort, e-mail Patrick. I’ve lived next door to Patrick and Violet for a year, and I know how simply they live, as well as how generous they are to their neighbors. Every cent they get is well spent. We believed in them enough to foster their daughter, Joy, so she wouldn’t have to go to boarding school