Refuting the “Global Christianity” paradigm? (Wuthnow)

Raise your hand if you believe the following statements are true.

1) In 1970, Christianity was a predominantly Western movement, but by 2000, surging growth in Africa, Asia, and Latin America meant that the majority of Christians lived outside the West.

2) While Christianity in the United States was declining notably in the 1990s in numerical terms, in African countries like Ghana it was growing rapidly to majority status.

3) The number of career missionaries from the West is declining as the church of the “Global South” takes up the mantle of leadership in mission.

For the answers to these questions and some discussion on America and shifts in “Global Christianity”, see World Christianity and the American Churches by Andy Crouch (Books and Culture)

2 thoughts on “Refuting the “Global Christianity” paradigm? (Wuthnow)

  1. Joseph Bushebi says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Ben. I totally agree with you and it’s only a matter of time before the world realizes that the gospel mantle has passed on to what you’re describing as the “global south”. I personally have a strong conviction that African is placed to play a significant role in coming days concerning the Great Commission, and God has impressed this upon me for several years now. Thanks.

  2. Joseph Bushebi says:

    Once Africa takes up the gospel mantle, it will begin to realize a great social, political and economic transformation through the power of God. God’s not done with Africa, yet.

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