Free access to ALL SAGE Journals till 31 Oct

Just a reminder that SAGE is offering FREE online access to over 500 SAGE journals 1999–current, until October 31Register HERE or you wait and pay $25/per day/per article ;-). (It’s relatively painless; I’ve been registered for years–no obligation.)

Biblical Studies & Theology

Some examples of SAGE journals in other fields that interest me:

Race & ClassJournal of Asian and African StudiesCross-Cultural ResearchCultural DynamicsCultural GeographiesCultural SociologyCulture & PsychologyCurrent SociologyDiscourse Studies,

DiogenesEthnicitiesEthnographyInternational Journal of Cultural StudiesJournal of Black StudiesLeadershipMemory StudiesManagement in EducationTime & Society, (many, many more)

5 thoughts on “Free access to ALL SAGE Journals till 31 Oct

  1. jutta says:

    thanks – without you I would always miss these opportunities.

  2. jutta says:

    … but the link does not work

    • Ben says:

      Sorry about that. I thought I had double checked the link, but my computer has a cookie for SAGE so it takes me to a different page that doesn’t work for the general public.

      It should work for you now.

      Hope you find some good articles.

  3. David Ker says:

    Are you able then to access articles after October 31?

  4. Ben says:

    Nope. You need to download them to your hard drive. The secret is to search and download now; read later.

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