Peter Enns reviews Witherington’s “The Living Word.”

In case you haven’t seen it, check out Peter Enns’s the Review of  The Living Word of God by Ben Witherington 3.

…I am, I think it is clear, largely disappointed with the book. Perhaps if W’s promises were no so inflated at the outset I would have read this volume with a very different set of expectations—perhaps not as a fresh corrective but as the latest iteration of standard Evangelical introductory issues. There are, to be sure, some interesting twists and turns thrown in, all written with a certain flare, but on the whole I did not come away thinking that I have just read a book that contributes to a fresh rethinking of the theology of the Bible.

I am chiefly disappointed because I feel Evangelical readers, many of whom are really struggling with ways to articulate a theology of the Bible that is thoroughly conversant with the many challenges such articulations face in the contemporary world, need much more than what W provides. W’s efforts here will not enter into a much larger (and more crucial and interesting) debate over the viability of any biblically attentive Christian faith. However relevant W’s book might be to those engaged in older conversations, in my opinion it will be of little to no help to those with a much broader universe of discourse and therefore in need of truly fresh articulations of the theology of the Bible.

3 thoughts on “Peter Enns reviews Witherington’s “The Living Word.”

  1. Doug Chaplin says:

    Hmm … thanks for the link – fairly scathing stuff, really

  2. Eddie says:

    Help me out here; did he like it or not?

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