A week of isolated writing

Friends and mentors of mine were out of town this week and graciously gave me the use of their beautiful home (about 45 minutes from here near Limuru.) I spent every day last week doing nothing but reading and writing (with two evening jogs through the tea fields.). It was a very productive time; I spread all my books around the dining room and alternated writing there and on the adjacent back porch overlooking a beautiful garden and a Eucalyptus tree-lined gully.  (I could hear the small brook and barely make out the outlines of two other buildings on the facing hill.) It was a gorgeous setting to say the least—just me and the monkeys.

Poor Christi Back at home, just about every kid came down with something.

But the isolation was good for me. Christi kept a running commentary on how many people were looking for me and how many hospital runs I missed out on.  Apart from my jog, I saw two people the entire week—the caretaker and the night watchman.

But being in isolation reminded of a some things about my life that I really enjoy:

  • I enjoy cooking my kids breakfast in the morning, putting them to bed at night, seeing their excitement, and hearing all their little stories.
  • Although I love my sleep, I’m proud of the fact that when the kids need something in the middle of the night, they still call for their dad. 
  • No matter how luxurious another room and bed are, there’s no place like home.
  • I like being warm. Limuru is about 2,000 feet higher elevation than Nairobi, and it feels much colder. (Were my headaches do to the thinner air?)
  • I enjoy my community and I probably enjoy a few distractions—much as I complain about them.
  • After a solid 2.5 hours of uninterrupted writing, I need a little break. My endurance grew as the week wore on, but  I will probably only ever be a part-time scholar.
  • No internet (or e-mail) helps a lot, but even a casual conversation or something someone says in a chapel message gets my brain going in a hundred different directions.
  • [Note: on the Myer’s Briggs I’m borderline Introvert/Extravert; I need a good balance of alone time and people time.]

This was a great week for my project. A huge thanks to Del and Becky!! There’s something about being in a place where there are no distractions; even if you want to procrastinate, you can’t. I got a lot of writing under my belt; hopefully I can maintain the momentum .

Since I’ve been back . . . well that’s another story.

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