Baby rush (Moses comic)

Today is Liam’s 3rd birthday. He’s been a little nervous about this day for a while, but seems to be warming up to the idea after we sang him happy birthday this morning. His sisters are really excited!!

Itinerary: Cake, popcorn & ceremony at school this morning; cake at lunch; and cake at grandma’s house this weekend.

Today’s Reverend Fun Cartoon:

Exodus 2.1-9 Baby Rush

[Lots more fun Bible cartoons at]

Just by serendipitous coincidence, Michael Heiser (The Naked Bible) has this post today: Moses, Sargon, and the Exposed Child motif in Ancient Literature:

Here’s an interesting article that advanced students of the Old Testament should read and digest. Egyptologist Donald Redford traces what he calls the “exposed child” motif through ancient literature. By “exposed child” he means stories that have the elments of the Moses birth in them. Redford’s goal isn’t specifically to deal with the Moses story, but that’s inevitable. The Sargon story in particular is very similar to the Moses story:

One thought on “Baby rush (Moses comic)

  1. Jake says:

    tell him ‘happy Birthday’ for us.

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