We could be in trouble

From reading the papers and watching the news here, you get the sense that unless something begins to change, we are might be in big trouble within the next few years (financial crisis or not.) Now the Economist shows us which other countries are also facing potential social unrest: Where the risk is greatest that economic distress will foment social unrest.

See the full report.


7 thoughts on “We could be in trouble

  1. Chiira says:

    The notion that Kenya could be experiencing such a high level of political instability is wrong. If that is the case, then where do we rank Madagascar and Guinea-Bissau?

    • Ben says:

      Keep going; I’m listening; I really hope you are right. I’m concerned for 2012, and the religious leaders here seemed to be pretty concerned too given the recent NCCK statetment.

      The interesting thing about Madagascar and Guinea-Bissau is that they’ve both had dramatic political changes without huge numbers of civilian casualties.

  2. alanany says:

    that is bad news

  3. danielandtonya says:

    Kind of related question- what did you do last January (2008) when a lot of schools closed?

  4. Ben says:

    Last January, we had to open school about a week late – mostly to allow people that had been stranded in other parts of the country to get back and for all of us to try to clear our heads from what had been happening. Some other stories here: https://benbyerly.wordpress.com/2008/01/

  5. Simon says:

    You can always move to Norway (lowest on the list).

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