New on-line articles on Jonah (JHS) – free

The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHS) has just released six new on-line articles on Jonah

All but the final essay in the series reflect issues hotly debated at the conference of the European Association of Biblical Studies at Lisbon in August 2008.

Philippe Guillaume Arguing under the Qiqayon: An Introduction to a Set of Articles on Jonah
Daniel Timmer The Intertextual Israelite Jonah Face À L’empire: The Post-Colonial Significance Of The Book’s Cotexts And Purported Neo-Assyrian Context
Klaas Spronk Jonah, Nahum, and the Book of the Twelve: A Response to Jakob Wöhrle
Jakob Wöhrle A Prophetic Reflection on Divine Forgiveness: The Integration of the Book of Jonah into the Book of the Twelve
Philippe Guillaume Rhetorical Reading Redundant: A Response to Ehud Ben Zvi
Ehud Ben Zvi Jonah 4:11 and the Metaprophetic Character of the Book of Jonah
Thomas M. Bolin Eternal Delight and Deliciousness: The Book of Jonah After Ten Years

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