Confluence: the muddy mix

A year ago today I wrote my first post (a half-baked beginning) on kind of a lark. Now that I plan to suspend (in about a week till I finish my dissertation), I think I’ve finally thought of a name I might be happy with: Confluence: the muddy mix.
(Cross-pollenization comes a close second)

  1. Africa and America
  2. theology and practicality
  3. Jesus and broken people
  4. ancient and post-modern; modern and pre-modern
  5. black and white
  6. ethnicity and . . .

. . . reconciliation

  1. economics and justice
  2. the future and the past and the present
  3. home and work
  4. work and play
  5. church and the world
  6. evangelical and post-evangelical
  7. Reformed and “I’m not so sure any more” (Emergent? Pentecostal?)
  8. joy and sadness
  9. rich and poor
  10. peace and chaos
  11. calming the waters and stirring the pot
  12. white collar and blue collar
  13. conservative and . . . well . . . maybe heretical
  14. prophetic and empathetic
  15. rural and urban
  16. big picture and detailed
  17. fearful and courageous
  18. communal and individual
  19. sloppy and neat
  20. nervous and relaxed
  21. smart and not so bright
  22. Democrat and Republican
  23. orthodox and unorthodox
  24. play by the rules and make my own way
  25. traditional and edgy
  26. kid at heart and parent
  27. nature and the library
  28. spontaneous and reflective
  29. extraverted and introverted
  30. technological and earthy
  31. serious and trying to be funny
  32. complicated and easy
  33. near and far
  34. mountains and lakes
  35. academic and pastoral
  36. being direct and beating around the bush
  37. at-home dad and Bison rancher
  38. focused and distracted
  39. native and foreign
  40. local and global
  41. power and helplessness
  42. rain and sunshine
  43. friends and . . .  more friends

Confluence and cross-pollenization . . . What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Confluence: the muddy mix

  1. David Ker says:

    confluence. got my vote.

  2. Jake says:

    I like confluence, though cross-pollination could have been a double entendre for a Biblical scholar/third culture guy.

  3. Simon says:

    What about ‘The Bible as Bleach: How clear eternal truth removes the mysteries of life and make everything less scary.’

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