Before you pose for that photo with that Obama cutout, check out those white hands

. . . Everyone’s favorite cardboard president is not our president at all. Look closely from the neck down. Look at the hands poking out from the sleeves. They are white. Yes. That’s right. Look. The ubiquitous Obama cutout seems to have a white body—one that’s about 30 pounds heavier, with clearly white, wedding band-less hands, holding glasses that Obama doesn’t wear—beneath the head of the real 44.

Just when we thought the nation was finally in black hands!  . . . ;-).

[And my favorite line]. . . Apparently, finding a generic photograph of a black man in a suit was too much to handle out in Utah.

Read the whole story at the – Black President, White Hands; it’s got a lot of funny lines.obama-cutout

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