Why I blog about Africa

Beautifully stated by Rombo on What an African Woman Thinks:

She’s beautiful and she’s strong and she’s got so much to give, she inspires me and I love her truly madly deeply.
She’s battered and bruised and sometimes broken and I love her even more.
She’s always on my mind and in my heart.
It’s not so much, then, that I choose to blog about Africa. It’s that I can’t not.
I really wish the world would see in her all that I see in her.
That’s another reason why I blog about Africa: To make this wish come true.

Read the whole post: Why I blog of Africa

Blogspot has been is blocked on our server again today, so I’ll comment here instead.

First of all, you never owed me anything; I’m just happy you are blogging again. Remember the rules of the meme were meant to be broken; I think you’ve more than answered the meme.

One thought on “Why I blog about Africa

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    I recently got tagged by a fellow blogger at “Nigerian Curiousity“, prompting me to blog on the topic “Why I blog about Africa”. I am qualified to say I blog about Africa. I was born in Nigeria, and presently live in Ghana. I ta…

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