Who goes to see the modern witchdoctor?

From yesterday’s Sunday Nation: Why many are falling for the jujuman’s charms

jujuFour Cabinet ministers are among thousands of Kenyans flocking to consult witchdoctors and fortune tellers, interviews with charm sellers and soothsayers reveal.

The witchdoctors promise a simple solution to all problems and desires, be it romance, career, health, an errant lover and even political power. They are doing such a roaring business that they advertise the potency of their charms in leading newspapers, such as the Daily Nation and the Sunday Nation.

Thanks to their services, many prominent Kenyans are therefore walking around wearing charms and talismans, some disguised as gold chains, amulets and bracelets.

Also putting their faith on talismans dispensed by fortune tellers and self-acclaimed astrologers are scores of MPs, businessmen and people with relationship problems, as extensive investigations by the Sunday Nation reveal.

Operating from various parts of the city including rooms in three-star hotel rooms, the charm sellers attract clients through advertisements and references. . .

. . . Sunday Nation could not find anyone willing to admit that they had consulted a witchdoctor. But the “doctors” said those flashy cufflinks, glasses, chains and gold rings could actually be charms.

Why many are falling for the jujuman’s charms

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In the on-line comments:

How on earth can this be a cover story Nation? People need to smarten up and stop looking for the quick way to get what they want. If these herbal blunderers’ ‘magic’ actually worked then the whole cabinet would be under their mercy and therefore they would effectively govern Kenya. Why don’t they just use their own powers to run for presidency and get stinking rich? Rubbish!

Not to be outdone, the Standard has a story of all kinds of quacky religious freaks in Kenya: In God’s name.

But see this sermon on obeying god in a witchcraft culture:

A blessing of our new life in Christ is that we don’t need any kind of secret knowledge accessed only by a privileged few. We don’t need a diviner to tell us what is causing our lives to unravel, or how to get them back on track. We have God’s Spirit, the Holy Scriptures, and the community of believers to help us navigate life in a witchcraft culture. . .

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