The identities of N. T. Wrong; an African perspective on the historical quest

As noted by Mark Goodacre speculation about the identity of Bishop NT (Jeremiah) Wrong continues, with contributions from James McGrath On the trail of N.T. Wrong, On the Trail of N.T. Wrong, Part 2 and On the Trail of N.T. Wrong, Part 3, with J. C. Baker weighing in with The Identity of N.T. Wrong and More Proof that Mark Goodacre is N.T. Wrong, and Pat McCullough adding his own suggestion on The Identity of N.T. Wrong.

One of the main drawbacks of Western thinking is it’s tendency towards “either/or” dichotomies. In the historical quest for the N.T. Wrong, what is needed is some good African “both/and” scholarship.

  • he’s from Chicago
  • he’s from New Zealand
  • he’s from Durham
  • he’s a biblioblog guru
  • he’s NT Gateway
  • his focus is ANE, Hebrew Bible (categories and blogroll)
  • he’s Jewish and Arab and goyim
  • he’s gay and straight
  • he’s a feminist
  • and he’s a she?
  • . . .
  • (add your own identifiers here)

Any and all members of the Guild of Biblical Minimalists (listed and unlisted) are suspect. He may have started out as one, but the first two identities in my above list appear to be irrefutable empirical facts –  strong evidence for the multi-present identities of N.T. Wrong (all you need is the name and password and you too could be WRONG – though maybe not as smart, funny, or irreverent). The tagline expands, the posts become more prolific and diverse, and former outsiders suddenly vow not to tell (are they now contributing too?). I suppose this is what McGrath is getting at.

Think about it folks . . . “both/and” not “either/or”.

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