Scholarship = coloring and playing with the computer

Liam (2 1/2 years old) stayed home from school this morning with an eye infection. Since Christi took a group of young American students from here camping to the Amboseli game park last night, and Njeri (our househelper) was doing the weekly market run, that meant I was on duty. It was just like the old days(I was the at-home dad for four years) or a weekend: wiping noses, helping set up the train tracks, comforting, putting on band aids, and taking him outside to watch the cows grazing on the lawn. I have to say, I generally enjoyed an unproductive morning, but I did manage to work through a couple of articles – highlighting key points in bright yellow – and typing down some notes in my laptop from a couple of monographs I’m working through.

After watching me for a few minutes, Liam commented:

“Daddy, are you coloring with yellow and playing with your computer?”

Yes, my son, that’s about the story of my life these days – coloring in yellow and playing on the computer. What a life! 😉

PS: Kiara (8) told me last night that she wants me to teach her Greek.

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