My Desktop; Kittens for Jim

Jim West suggests everyone post screenshots of their desktop – The Desktop Challenge. Sorry Jim, it’s kittens – in a Kenyan kind of a way, but you’ve seen this picture before – My Tribute to Jim West – the ultimate cat.


This picture was taken by Christi from our car window in Amboseli, near Kilimanjaro. The grandparents took the kids for the weekend, and we got our first weekend getaway in as long as we can remember. (It hasn’t been our last – Mt. Kenya, a fun, misty mudfest; this has been a good year).

We were the first ones on scene. Normally, if you see one or two lions in the gamepark, it’s exciting. (Sorry, it’s not like lions on National Geographic for most visitors.) Even the jaded Kenyan tour guides that drove up later were very excited. It’s not something even they see very often. You can read about a different kind of excitement we had on that weekend here – What’s growling and touching our tent??!!??.

One thought on “My Desktop; Kittens for Jim

  1. steph says:

    That is truly a glorious sight. 🙂

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