Obama a Galileean Bedouin

The beauty of Obama’s mixed heritage; the plot thickens: Israel Times

Barack Obama will be America’s first black president, but according to a large Israeli Arab clan he will also be the first Bedouin president.  Leaders of the 8,000-strong Galilee-based Bedouin tribe claimed in an interview with The Times of London that Obama is a long-lost relative.

They noted that during the British Mandate period, Kenyan and other African migrant workers were brought to Palestine to work for Bedouins sheikhs. A 95-year-old member of the tribe who lived through the British Mandate period said one of those workers married a local Bedouin girl and then moved back to Kenya.

Tribe leaders said they have documented evidence proving that that Bedouin-Kenyan couple was a fore-bearer of Obama on his paternal grandmother’s side. . .

I love it!

One thought on “Obama a Galileean Bedouin

  1. steph says:

    Yes, so do I. 🙂

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