Quote of the Day

Quote 1: Read it HERE. (Otherwise, I would have cut and pasted the entire post.)

Quote 2:

Black-or-white battle lines are not uncommon. Human beings, when faced with a threat to a dearly-held belief system, will reach instinctively for, and embrace, the polar opposite of that threat in order to protect the threatened belief. And inasmuch the truth sometimes falls somewhere in between, or usually on a different plane entirely, the truth becomes marginalized, if not utterly silenced. I don’t really think the original line-drawers ordinarily believe in their polarized position. I think it’s usually a strategy consideration—like a . . .

– Raffi Shahinian, Repentant Ramblings of an Unholy Emergent/Missional/Post-Evangelical, or Whatever the *** We’re Calling Ourselves Nowadays

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