Bet you didn’t kiss a giraffe this weekend

(I know; I look even worse than normal in this picture, but I thought some of you would get a kick out of it anyway. Looking on is my niece Liana.)

As part of the show-our-nieces-and-nephew a good time tour, we took them to the nearby Giraffe Center. (The center is about 10 minutes from our home, and we’ve taken so many friends there my eight year old Kiara now considers it “boring”; she is a good sport anyway). Obviously, most people just feed the giraffe by hand from the balcony.

While we were there, a local primary school visited, and I was quite impressed with how the staff turned from the tourists and made the kids a priority. (The same happened at the Elephant Orphanage). In addition to regular school visits . . .

. . .  the funds collected [from visitors] are utilised solely and specifically in bringing underprivileged children to the Giraffe Centre and other places of Wildlife interest. We call these “Ecology trips”. . . .We locate schools in the slums and outlying areas and arrange to collect  25 kids at a time by bus from the schools, rehabilitation centres and Homes. . . [read more]

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