My tribute/penance to Lingamish; at least 30 ways David Ker is not like me

In light of my recently flopped roasting of my favorite Kermeister, I’d like to offer this paltry, reconciliatory peace offering:  30+ ways David Ker is not like me:

  1. He’s an artist
  2. He’s a poet
  3. He’s a musician
  4. He’s a composer
  5. He writes his own modern-day psalms
  6. He has a popular genre-defying blog Lingamish (and a couple more serious ones)
  7. He’s good looking
  8. He owns a red four-wheeled macho machine (which he doesn’t blog about)
  9. He’s a master of the English language
  10. No speller erring escapes his notice
  11. He gets blogging
  12. He’s au fait with the internet by phone
  13. He zigs
  14. He attends important meetings
  15. He knows how to home school his kids
  16. He speaks Portuguese and a couple of other languages I’ve never even heard of (Greek and Hebrew are a different story, as he proudly recounts)
  17. He can walk into any Mozambican cafe and be an instant celebrity
  18. He’s never met me or my family
  19. He’s an uber blogger (and commenter)
  20. He’s written some very funny posts
  21. He’s written some world upsetting rants
  22. More than 10 comments per post is nothing to him
  23. If he mentions your name, people take notice
  24. He doodles
  25. He creates U-Tube videos
  26. He’s gonzo over a psychedelic hippo
  27. He’s never eaten elephant
  28. He zags
  29. He’s wild and crazy
  30. He’s dared to go toe-to-toe against the irascible Jim West (the irascibility is a facade)
  31. He’s a contributor to some very heady blogs
  32. He blogs in multiple languages
  33. Thousands of important people (and lesser folks like me) read his blog every day
  34. . . .

Other than that, I probably share more in common with David than any other blogger I read. That’s really the highest compliment a self-absorbed blogger like me can pay anyone. [And it’s not even his birthday; I’m not very ceremonial]

3 thoughts on “My tribute/penance to Lingamish; at least 30 ways David Ker is not like me

  1. Ben says:

    It’s only the Obama cartoons.

    When are you going to start blogging again?

  2. David Ker says:

    My legend surpasses me. Keep it coming. I love flattery. And your blog.

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