Send me some men for my team in Southern Sudan

We are enjoying some good time with my brother-in-law Michael and his family, who are getting ready to move to Mundri, Southern Sudan as team leaders for World Harvest. He has a some great women already signed up for his team and was commenting that he could use a few more men. Here are the kind of guys he’s looking for:

Theological educators- willing to come alongside Sudanese pastors from a wide range of educational backgrounds (from primary to post-graduate) to encourage critical, creative, contextualized, practical, biblical thinking and action.

Builders- able to manage building projects including staff housing and school classrooms and able to train local people in building and vocational skills.

We can also use people with skills in water engineering, education, health, agriculture, and enterprise development.  If we recruit more than enough people for our current team, we hope to launch additional teams in Southern Sudan.

Our mission’s vision is “Movements of churches empowered by grace for the world’s good and God’s glory.”  Our goal in Southern Sudan is to work in partnership with local churches to promote gospel-centered faith, discipleship, healing, reconciliation, community transformation, and hope.

For more information, e-mail Michael.

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