There’s more ugali in Cambridge than in Kenya

As hard as it is to believe, I’ve eaten far more ugali here in Cambridge than I ever ate in Kenya. It’s not that I haven’t eaten ugali before; it’s just that I’ve never actually lived in a house with so many Kenyan guys. 

They tracked down cornmeal flour here, and we’ve eaten ugali and chicken almost every single night. Strangely enough, I’ve actually come to prefer it over rice. I guess I’ve become more Kenyan in Cambridge.

Three more days, till we head home – not soon enough to see our families; not long enough to finish all the research we need to get done before leaving.

[I “borrowed” this photo from Tim in Kenya’s great post on Kenyan cuisine – from a westerner’s perspective with great pictures.

3 thoughts on “There’s more ugali in Cambridge than in Kenya

  1. Northenkenya says:

    Interesting quip. LoL, am laughing at every single night. Such Kenyans truely. So, what are you eating the Ugali with? Sukuma? or Kales as they say? Try it with beans…..or Dengu as they say.

  2. […] case you don’t know, I’m also an ugali expert.  Anywhere from 5-10 people every single day find me in their quest for ugali. Along the […]

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