NEGST students on BBC Network Africa this morning: updated

This morning my NEGST colleagues Andy Alo (Congo), Daniel Hankore (Ethiopia), Nelson Makanda (Kenya), Peter Yuh (Cameroon), and Ramadan Chan (Southern Sudan) were interviewed on BBC radio – Network Africa. They talked about ethnicity, a subject we have worked on for over a year. 

We were in London yesterday to visit the British Museum. Afterwards, these five stopped by the BBC studios to visit a friend of Peter’s when they were called into the studios for an interview.

We heard it on-line this morning, but the interview was replaced in the later editions (Network Africa is repeated hourly for several hours) by something on human rights. It was fun to know that their voices were being broadcast all over Africa.

4 thoughts on “NEGST students on BBC Network Africa this morning: updated

  1. Samy says:

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the link you sent earlier this morning. I tried the link, but the server did not respond and I was not sure whether it was our server (negst) affected by sun outage or the BBC server. Thanks anyway. That was a great opportuuity. Keep up the good work! We are proud of you!

  2. Celucien Joseph says:

    I am wondering if you, perhaps, have the link to the interview. I would like to listen to it.


  3. Ben says:

    Sorry the link was moved and there doesn’t seem to be an archive.

  4. Thank you for this opportunity,well according to my experience and having been victim of the on going spirit in Africa.I tell you its a major problem in Africa that dwell in the hearts of people.But thank GOD to the invasion of new tactics used to capture from the western world e.g Technology developments,and the word of reconciliation….Thank you…GOD BLESS

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