The blogging world, state of the blogosphere (Technorati Report 2008)

Technorati is beginning a five part series on the “State of the Blogosphere 2008 report.” (HT: Doug). Blogging is:

  • A truly global phenomenon: Technorati tracked blogs in 81 languages in June 2008, and bloggers responded to our survey from 66 countries across six continents.
  • Here to stay: Bloggers have been at it an average of three years and are collectively creating close to one million posts every day. Blogs have representation in top-10 web site lists across all key categories, and have become integral to the media ecosystem.

Global Snapshot of Bloggers

Demographics U.S. Bloggers
European Bloggers
Asian Bloggers
Male 57% 73% 73%
18-34 years old 42% 48% 73%
35+ 58% 52% 27%
Single 26% 31% 57%
Employed full-time 56% 53% 45%
Household income >$75,000 51% 34% 9%
College graduate 74% 67% 69%
Average blogging tenure (months) 35 33 30
Median Annual Investment $80 $15 $30
Median Annual Revenue $200 $200 $120
% Blogs with advertising 52% 50% 60%
Average Monthly Unique Visitors 18,000 24,000 26,000
Personally, I feel like I’ve hit the “six month bubble” – a Jim West comment on someone elses blog – Matt’s? (I’ve stretched the bubble out for eight, but I’m a little slow on a lot of things.) It’s certainly not the first time I’ve felt this way; it’s almost cyclical. I’ve noticed that I tend to lose interest over the weekends, and about every two weeks I feel like saying, “I’m out; I’m done” (or some variation of that). I know it takes regular postings to keep even the few faithful interested; I like blogs that post regularly. I want it to stay at least somewhat interesting – the kinds of things I enjoy reading – and maybe a little useful.  I guess I’m trying to say that I feel like i will be moving more towards a couple of posts a week – just a hunch – no promises. 
What am I enjoying most? First, the interesting connections I have been able to make with people i would never otherwise “meet.” Second, having a place to share some of the interesting things I get to experience with my “real-life” friends.

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