Pagan shrines in English high places

You can imagine the interest for my African colleagues when we came upon this pagan shrine in our hike up an English hill on Saturday. The picture does not do the shrine justice; there were ribbons all over the branches. Note also the presence of that great idol which nearly every western sitting room is centered around – bottom right behind Ramadan. “New Age” spot we were told.

[Regular readers will recall the examples of ancestor worship we have already noted on our visit to England. This is a little more serious.]

3 thoughts on “Pagan shrines in English high places

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  2. Peter Parslow says:

    These kind of trees, with ribbons, tin cans & CDs, are quite common here in Somerset. I haven’t found one of the ‘shrine builders’ to ask their view, but the manager of a tea-caravan near some said they do it to keep evil spirits away.
    I believe Somerset is ranked as having the highest concentration of ‘parapsychology’ things – as well as the (probably) oldest Christian presence in England.

  3. Ben says:

    Very interesting, Peter. Thanks for commenting. I would be curious to hear one of the “builders” describe what they are about. If you ever happen upon one of them, let us know.

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