Durham and the English coast (photos)

We are all back at our desk now after returning from the British New Testament Conference. I’ll write more about the conference – particularly the Acts section –  a little later (it takes a bit of focus). In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few photos of our visit to the Durham Cathedral right before we left, and the day off we spent at the English coast on Sunday.

The seven of us who are  staying together (“the big house?”) took advantage of the extra day of vehicle use (the agency closed on Sunday) to visit the coast. We weren’t quite sure where the best place to go would be, so we headed down past Ipswitch to Felixstowe where the UK’s big port is.

After weeks of intense study and all the stimulation of BNTC, it was nice to just get out and relax a bit. 

We arrived back in Cambridge just in time for Ramadan to be interviewed for the evening service at Eden Baptist Church.

Spending our last moments at BNTC with Ronnie and Margaret Sim, who have given so much to get our PhDs off to a great start.:


Durham Cathedral



Richard, Nathan, and Andy suddenly find themselves in the middle of a WW2 reinactment


Andy and Nelson on the tower at Durham Cathedral with Durham Castle in the background. (After all those stair, they won’t be needing any exercise for quite a while.)

The deep sea port at Felixstowe (ooh the wind.)

Lonely Richard on the stoney beach . . . thinking of Helen.

A sailing vessel in Ipswich.

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