The Bird-Crossley UNofficial book signing (smackdown)

I just got my officially signed copy of the newly released How Did Christianity Begin: A believer and non-believer examine the evidence. By Michael Bird (profile) and James Crossley, (blog). (With Chapters written by Scot McKnight and Maurice Casey.)


Take that Jim West.

5 thoughts on “The Bird-Crossley UNofficial book signing (smackdown)

  1. Jim says:

    alas– you brits get everything first. dag nabbit. it’s not due out here till december. curses!

  2. Jim says:

    ps- im stealing the picture and using it. since wright is in it! i see his name tag.

  3. Ben says:

    Be my guest with the picture.

    I’d bring you a copy, but I’ll be going the opposite direction.

    I suppose we could find a way to mail you a copy. Buy 3 and get a 50% discount.

  4. Jim says:

    actually- a copy is on the way from the publisher for me to review. but shhhh… its not due out here till december.

    while you’re there tell crossley i said hello. he may remember me. if not, remind him that we have spoken once or twice.

  5. […] I seem to have been the only one actually taking photos of the main event. My real scoops were the Bird-Crossley smackdown and the NT Wright […]

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