BNTC – Room with a view

This is in honor of Jim West, who always plagues people with pictures of his hotel rooms at conferences. Here’s my room at St. John’s College (pictures and video), The layout of the college is quite interesting.  It is a long row of old houses where doorways have been cut between them. So walking through the college is like walking through a maze of doorways from one house through to the next.

Here’s the view from my window, and then the room. Since it was cold and rainy all afternoon, it was a great place for a nap this afternoon during the break.

One thought on “BNTC – Room with a view

  1. Jim says:

    see- this sort of thing is valuable because your readers almost get the sense of ‘being there’ and they can see that you are a real actual person (unlike Ker, about who all of us have our suspicions).

    i reckon the next conference i’ll be at is a denominational one in nashville and then sots at cambridge in january- so i’ll return the favor!

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