Christi’s flight – a six hour delay ;-(

I finally got my my compter set up tonight check e-mail, only to find out that Christi’s flight from London to Nairobi has been delayed almost six hours. Now, instead of arriving at 9pm, they arrived at 3am. It’s hard enough to travel with three little kids on your own . . .

After confirming that the flight had arrived a few minutes ago, I called Christi on Skype. [The benefits of modern technology.] It sounds like it was a miserable time in Heathrow and on the flight today. She’s says that the kids all tried to be troopers, but you can only ask so much of little ones who haven’t slept for over 24 hours.

It is now officially Leila’s 5th birthday – her golden birthday. What a way to spend it; she turned 5 on the airplane.

So close yet so far. The irony is we we could have spent the whole day together in London. But, the layover was supposed to be too short, the bus fare to Heathrow costs too much, and I needed to drive the car here to Durham. What could have been . . .

The next hurdle is to get Liam back into the country. It’s taken over six months to get his residence papers, and the immigration officer at the desk when she left Nairobi claimed that Liam had illegally overstayed his visa. Then there are the eight bags which have to clear customs. [Update: Great! They are in the car on the way home.]

She’s not had much luck on the London-Nairobi flight. Three years ago, she was coming (again on her own after visiting a sister) with Leila and Kiara (then 1 and 4). That flight was also delayed a few hours as they tried unsuccessfully to repair the in-flight entertainment system. So instead of getting to take a break while the kids watched cartoons on the screen, she had to entertain them.

Fortunately Christi’s parents and our good friend Samy Tioye is picking them up – chain reaction disruption.

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