BNTC Arrival

This morning, Phoebe, Nelson, Nathan, Karita, Andy, Richard, and I crammed into a Vauxhall Zafira and made the four hour trip to Durham (The OT translation guys Ramadan, Peter, and Daniel stayed at Tyndale House). The Zafira has two two seats that fold out of the trunk, which means we can all fit, but there’s very little room for luggage. We’ll be holding any books we buy on our laps for the trip home. It was my first time driving in the UK, and we forgot left the map at home, but we managed to make here it in one piece. The hardest part was finding the college after we got to Durham.

In the opening reception speeches, they gave a special welcome to “six or seven” students from Nairobi. It was a really nice touch for us. (That seventh one is a problem; how do you categorize him?  A few people have assumed that I am faculty there. Why in the world would an American study in Nairobi? ;-).

There are a lot of American here. Nijay Gupta tells me that almost all the New Testament students in the UK are Americans.

It’s a lot of fun and pretty intimidating to be a first-timer here. As Nelson put it on the drive up, “we can now put faces with all those names we have only seen on the covers of books.” It was also great to our old professors Ronnie and Margaret Sim who came down from Scotland.

At dinner, I got to meet and sit with Michael Bird (profile), Nijay Gupta, and Jonathan Moo. It can only go downhill from here. I’ll say this much, Bird ought to start his own comedy show.

John Barclay gave his evening presentation ‘Two Versions of Grace: Romans 9-11 and the Wisdom of Solomon’ to a packed audience – at least least ten people had to sit on the floor.  That the questioning finally had to be cut off should tell you something of the quality of it. He stirred a lot of interest.

James Davila notes that Firefox hasn’t been working here; neither does the new Chrome which I have taken a liking to. So I’m back to old IE. 

I’d better get some sleep. (I’m only still up because I’m thinking of Christi’s six hour flight delay with the kids. They were scheduled to arrive at 9pm. They are now saying that it will arrive in in the next few minutes – 3 am.  :-(.

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10 thoughts on “BNTC Arrival

  1. steph says:

    Nijay Gupta tells me that almost all the New Testament students in the UK are Americans.

    That’s interesting. I don’t think it’s true though.

  2. Ben says:

    I may have misquoted or overstated him, but apparently there is a surprisingly high percentage.

  3. steph says:

    Oh yes, I’ve met lots, but there are lots of interationals (I’m NZ) yet still most I’ve met are English. I wonder what the figures are. Some universities will attract Americans more than others of course.

  4. Ben says:

    Maybe his point was that there aren’t many Brits. All 12 of the Durham post-docs and doctoral students helping hose this are Americans.

  5. Ben says:

    PS – Where are you studying?

  6. steph says:

    I found more international students at conferences. The Brits didn’t – they do tend to go overseas though. One of my Brit mates chose a Rome – there is a conference on there at the same time as the BNTC. He didn’t make it to the BNTC last year either and I know other Brits with just not enough money for conferences. I was booked to go but didn’t make it this year because my mother became suddenly ill so I’m in NZ. But I’ll be back and I’ll be in Aberdeen for the BNTC next year. I’m at Nottingham (where there’s no trace of Robin – who?). 🙂

  7. Nijay Gupta says:

    Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to Durham and my experience knowing students at Aberdeen, St. Andrews, and those I have met at Tyndale House. I was, perhaps, exaggerating, but I have not met a british NT student at the conference in the last day and a half. But, my apologies for not recognizing other internationals. You are very important to our scholarly community!

  8. steph says:

    Nijay: I remember you from Durham – I came with Maurice when he delivered a paper for a department seminar. I think I remember you from one of the OT in NT conferences too.

  9. Stephen Fagbemi says:

    Ben, it was so good to see you at Durham; it was a pleasant surprise I must say, and to know that you are back with us in the academic community at last- contrary to our conversation in Leuven. Well, I trust you enjoyed being here. I can only encourage you in your work and hope that you get to finish soon. It is possible! We have been there before!

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