Free Logos Cornerstone commentary on Matthew-Mark

Get a FREE commentary!
For a limited time, the Matthew, Mark volume of the Matthew, Mark Volume Cornerstone Biblical Commentary is available as a free download with coupon code CORNERSTONE. Place your order now, and spread the word! (Turner & Bock)

NOTE: If you are not currently a Libronix user, you will need to download the free Libronix engine first and create a Libronix Customer ID before downloading this title.

Check out the rest of the volumes in the 9-volume Cornerstone Biblical Commentary!

HT: Justin Taylor (who I just saw here at Tyndale a couple of days ago; he didn’t see me.)

As long as you are downloading things – ESV Study Bible has posted : the introduction to the book of Isaiah, along with the notes for the first two chapters (a 14-page PDF).

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