Getting Down to Business (Tyndale House; day 2)

Today we got down to business at Tyndale House.

At 11:30, I joined the translation guys (Andy, Daniel, Peter, Ramadan) as they read Hebrew with Peter Williams, the warden here. We’re reading through each of their main dissertation passages – Gen. 34 (Daniel), Amos 5 (Ramadan), and Nehemiah 1-6 (Peter). (Andy is writing on metaphor, so he and I are the two “ringers” in the group. There rest of the folks are concentrating on their NT topics.)

Dr. Williams is an incredible linguist, who definitely knows his Bible. Later over coffee, I asked him how he knows where a word from Genesis is used in Psalms. You just know from reading; it’s easy. At some point, “you just have to put away all your crutches (namely the English Bible) – like a healing service – and do all your Bible reading, including devotional reading, in Hebrew (for OT obviously).” Today, Williams got to hear about a lot of the similarities between what happened in Genesis 34 and “abduction” marriages that take place in some African cultures. There are also a lot of parallels between the negotiation that take place in Genesis 34, and some traditional African marriage negotiation customs.

At 1, we quickly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all the New Testament folks went to read Galatians with Peter Head. There was a lot of healthy discussion and laughter as he learned all the little buzzwords that we use to tease each other. (e.g. “See it IS ALL about eschatology” (Ben); “you mean PATRONAGE!’ (Nelson).

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