Safe arrival and warm reception in Cambridge

This is for the folks at home following the lives of their loved ones. (Apologies for those of you with slow internet connections – the pictures. We finally have a decent connection. Wow, I click, and it immediately responds.)

The flight was uneventful with great views of the Arabian desert as we flew across Saudi Arabia right next to the Iraq border. Istanbul, Venice, the Dolomites, Interlaken, Zurich, and the Alps were beautiful.

Here, Ethan Sanders greets us in Kiswahili as we get off the bus. Ethan is a PhD student here studying East African history, and has done a lot to help us feel welcome here. Asante Sana, Ethan!!

Margaret Sim had a sumptuous dinner prepared for us at Williams’ house. [A huge thank you goes to them for opening their home to seven of us.] Margaret Sim has been a mother to many of us as well as former Greek Teacher and head of the biblical studies department at NEGST. She and her husband Ronnie Sim, who directed the PhD program through a critical period, recently moved back to their native Scotland. Margaret Sim made a special trip down here then extended her original travel plans to be here for us. She did a lot of work today to very generously make sure we were coming into a “home.”  We will never really be able to thank you for all you’ve done for us; we feel more cared for than you can possibly imagine.

Jeremy and Jan Peckham also have done so much for us in terms of arranging housing and other details for our arrival.

Tomorrow we get introduced to Tyndale House so we can begin work.

3 thoughts on “Safe arrival and warm reception in Cambridge

  1. Jackie says:

    Hey all,
    It’s great to see you all arrived well and were warmly welcomed. Missing you all.

  2. Ben says:

    We all miss you too – especially Phoebe.

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