First day at Tyndale House

It felt a little like the first day of school today. The scholars and staff at Tyndale House were extremely welcoming and helpful. I took a ton of photos – almost 100. [Apologies for the detail; for the next little while, focus of posts will be towards friends and family who would like to follow this trip. Click on them to see them full size.]

Here was our day:

9 – walk about 40 minutes (7 of us) following Karita – who was our fearless leader with the map

10 – orientation with the wonderful Tyndale House Staff

11 – tea, coffee, and cake with everyone who is here (double gong means cake)

12:30 – Lunch at the Cambridge University Center cafeteria – a huge “Asante Sana” to Dr. Mrs. Sim. She also showed us quickly around the old city, so we got our first look at the famous “punting” on the river (pushing boats along with long poles.)

For most of the rest of the afternoon, some people started their research; many of us worked trying to get our computers on-line with the network here. (Dr. Instone-Brewer and Troy, a computer software programmer helping with some special projects here, gave up their entire afternoons for us.)

Bonus of the day: At the 4pm tea break. We met Daniel Wallace and found out that he was upstairs piecing together NT manuscripts and photographing them – very impressive. For details, see The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.

Quote of the day [after being wowed by all the incredible accomplishments of some of the wonderful people here]: “I bet they didn’t grow up getting pulled out of school all the time to watch the cattle or chase off the Maasai raiders. Some of us have come a long way and are happy to be here.” – (to remain nameless. 😉

3 thoughts on “First day at Tyndale House

  1. Eddie says:

    I’m enjoying this series, Ben. Keep it up. Can you let us know who the other students are? I’m sure I know a few of them.

  2. Jackie says:

    I agree with Eddie, keep the stories coming. Hopefully some of us will be motivated to “stretch”.

  3. Ben says:

    Thanks Eddie and Jackie; I can’t promise how long I will keep them up, but a few more anyway.

    Eddie, see next post.

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