Overnight in the Dubai Airport

We are on our way for six weeks of study at Tyndale House. It is 3 am in the Dubai airport. Oh the life of a PhD student!! Peter and Ramadan are on the red-eye to London; here is what the rest rest of us are up to right now (fun photos):

There are people spread out on the ground everywhere.

This is Jeff Korvah, a Liberian from Lofa county who stopped by to chat. He’s been here eight days already. A friend who plays football (soccer) in Jakarta is helping him come try a new life there, but he has only made it half way so far. Another guy just walked by.  Jeff tells me that this guy has already been here for two weeks. The old man at the internet computer bank is hoping his e-ticket has been purchased; he’s been here for two months. Jeff estimates that there are 75 Africans living out The Terminal here in Dubai. He thinks that if you add Indians, Chinese and Bengalese, it could be over a hundred – all with various ticket or visa issues.

He’s currently regaling me with Nigerian “419” stories. I thought he’d said “fool one now” game. In any event they are stories about scamming people. He says that 80% of the “terminals” are Nigerians; 15% are Cameroonians. Now, thanks to me, he’s on the internet ;-). I just handed him my breakfast voucher, and he’s very happy about that. Anything else you want to say Jeff? (He’s reading everything I type over my shoulder.) I told him he could Google himself tomorrow, so now he’s saying that this is going to be his webpage so his mother can check out what he’s up to.

UPDATE 11 Sept. 2008: Jeff writes in an e-mail that he never did get the money to go to Indonesia, so he was sent back to Senegal where he last was. He writes: I am not doing anything in Senegal; I am here because I am stranded. As soon as I get money, I will go back to Liberia.” (The life of a refugee.)

Here are some more photos of the Dubai International Hostel (I mean Airport).

7 thoughts on “Overnight in the Dubai Airport

  1. Samy says:

    Thanks Ben for these pictures. Thanks for the offer, but I am very much comfortable in my small bedroom here at NEGST. Have a nice sleeping trip.

  2. denise says:

    Hi, I am trying 2 find info about a place called fantasyland in the Dubai airport, my husband charged our card there & is telling me it was 4 a loaf of bread & a snickers bar. Please if you know the truth of this place let me know.
    Thank you,
    Ps we r a christian couple

  3. Ben says:

    Hi Denise,

    I do remember that the grocery store had a funny name, and my friend Nelson confirms that it was indeed called Fantasyland.

    I don’t know your situation or your history, but I do know that trust is one of the most important ingredients of a great marriage.

    I’ve always tried to tell my wife even my most crazy fleeting thoughts, and she has always tried to create an environment where I feel completely safe being totally honest.

    Hope this helps you to build a little more trust in each other.



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  5. That is so real fact of some of travelers , people find hard at times for the right directions and waiting to be escorted.

  6. юлька says:

    я раша тоже скажу…аэропорт у них шикарный…всё со вкусом,чистота…
    хотя и есть такие “спящие красавцы”

  7. very educating blog which portrays people staying in Dubai for long hours, for the over night stay in Dubai. These pictures truly describes their need of stay at Dubai Air port

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