Judge pays woman’s fine

Growing up, I often heard the analogy of God as the judge who after passing the sentence, takes off his robes and takes the punishment on our behalf. Regardless of what you think of that analogy theologically, I thought you could appreciate this real-life story from today’s Standard – Woman’s fine paid by magistrate by Maureen Mudi

There was a light moment yesterday at the Mombasa Law Courts when the Chief Magistrate Catherine Mwangi, organised an impromptu fundraiser inside the court for a needy woman she had sentenced to four months in jail or a fine of Sh4,000. . .

. . . “Why didn’t you tell me you had children with you and there was nobody to take care of them? I cannot reverse my judgement now,” she said, to the amazement of those in courtroom. Just as the woman walked out of court into the basement cells, Mwangi called her back and demanded to know why she had not explained her predicament in mitigation.

Mwangi sent the court into prolonged laughter, as she engaged lawyers, the prosecutor and audience in trying to raise the fine. (Who is going to pay your bail? Do you have a relative present? Why did you assault your neighbour and forget you had children to take care of?)

. . . The magistrate paid Sh2,000 while a Mombasa lawyer Yusuf Abubakar paid the remaining Sh2,000.

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