Bryn Mawr Classical Review has started a blog of recent reviews – great way to keep of with current scholarly work in the field of classical studies (including archaeology). Here are the five most recent reviews:

  • 2008.08.14:  Fritz-Gregor Herrmann, Words and Ideas. The Roots of Plato’s Philosophy. Swansea: 2007. Pp. xv, 368. $79.50. ISBN 978-1-905125-20-3. Reviewed by Phillip Sidney Horky.
  • 2008.08.13:  Rita Felski, Rethinking Tragedy. Baltimore: 2008. Pp. viii, 368. $24.95 (pb). ISBN 978-0-8018-8740-6. Reviewed by Viviana Gastaldi.
  • 2008.08.12:  Geert Roskam, Live Unnoticed (Lathe biosas): On the Vicissitudes of an Epicurean Doctrine. Philosophia Antiqua, v. 111. Leiden/Boston: 2007. Pp. x, 233. $125.00. ISBN 9789004161719. Reviewed by James Jope.
  • 2008.08.11:  Christopher Ligota, Letizia Panizza, Lucian of Samosata Vivus et Redivivus. Warburg Institute Colloquia, 10. London/Turin: 2007. Pp. 222. £36.00 (pb). ISBN 978-0-85481-138-0. Reviewed by Sonia Sabnis.
  • 2008.08.10:  Roger D. Woodard, The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology. Cambridge: . Pp. xvi, 536; 25 fig. $29.99 (pb). ISBN 978-0-521-60726-1. Reviewed by Angela Kühr.

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