We’re off

Christi and the kids are on their way to the US. Last I checked (11:30pm last night) everyone was happily seated and excitedly checking out all the seat buttons, as well as their new airline socks, eye covers and tooth brushes. They are landing in London right now for the next major hurdle – the 5 hour transfer to their flight to Boston. (I see from an e-mail this morning that Christi got everyone free “Executive Club” membership when she checked in.)

Liam (2) provided two moments of excitement at the airport. First, the Kenyan passport officials did not want to let him leave the country – “He has overstayed his 3-month visa.” (He was born here, and this must be the tourist visa from his visit to the states last year. We’ve been working on his Dependant’s Pass for a very long time, but it still hadn’t arrive before they left.) Finally Christi said, “Well, I am not leaving my son in Kenya, so what are you going to do?” Eventually the official decided to let him go without any stamp in his passport, so there is no record of him leaving Kenya ;-).

Then, at boarding, Liam ducked out the open gate door and started scrambling down the stairs towards the tarmack; he wanted a better look at the plane. Christi finally convinced him that the door into the airplane was the other direction.

This morning I’m leaving to help with a rural pastor’s conference in Western Kenya with ALARM (Africa Leaders Reconciliation Ministries). I’m only staying the first two days, but my sessions are as follows:

  • The inner life of the leader
  • Leadership skills
  • Biblical interpretation
  • Preaching
  • Marriage
  • Parenting

How’s that for a line-up? Being a foreigner and feeling like I have expertise in only one or two of these subjects, I tried to talk my way out of the others, but my colleague Nelson insisted. I’ve never been in charge of anything for that amount of time, but I plan mostly on facilitating good discussions and offering some tools. Most of these pastors haven’t had the opportunity for much education or training, so this is something I’ve always wanted to do with my life.

Your prayers Christi and myself would be appreciated. (In the meantime, check out some of the “Links of the Day” on the right.)

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