There’s a monkey in the kitchen

One of my favorite questions for Njeri –  our wonderful househelper, nanny, chef, and friend: “Did anything exciting happen today?” Here was yesterday’s answer.

Ever since the fruits ripened outside, monkeys have started coming around. [We are housesitting for friends about 1/2 a mile off campus.] Today, Kiara and Leila were in the back yard playing, when the monkeys came. The monkeys looked like they wanted to play with the girls; they weren’t afraid, so the girls came running into the house, “Auntie Njeri! Autie Njeri! Monkeys! Monkeys!” I was in the laundry room, so I came out into the kitchen and saw one who had climbed through the bars and was sitting on the kitchen sink eyeing the fruit basket.

2 thoughts on “There’s a monkey in the kitchen

  1. Ranger says:

    Monkeys love fruit. Here in SE Asia they will swing their way up to fourth and fifth floor balconies in order to get some fruit.

  2. Ben says:

    Ok, Ranger. Now I’m the curious monkey. I’d love to know who you are. Drop me a line at benjamin.byerly AT

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