off to Mt. Kenya

For the last couple of years, Christi and I have talked about hiking Mt. Kenya together to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Since we will be apart for our anniversary this year (first time ever), we thought we might push the big hike back to December or January. Then we got the good news that half of my family would be coming to Nairobi for Christmas, so we figured we would just find another time for Mt. Kenya.

On Wednesday, Scott Shannon (friend from Wheaton and medical doctor working in Juba, Southern Sudan) brought a few friends over to celebrate his birthday at our place. In the course of the evening, he got to talking about taking a couple of friends up the mountain this week and invited us along. At first, we figured there was no way (it means four days away, and I really need to be writing my dissertation), but then we started thinking about it. Christi is taking the kids away in a couple of weeks, and we will be apart for eight weeks, and I will have no kids, which means I can write full time. Sooo . . . we thought why not?!? Christi could use the break before two months of single parenting. Njeri is confident that she can take care of all the kids since they are all settled in house-sitting in a big house, and the kids behave for her. Jecinta and Igg have offered to help, and we have a couple of good friends with cars nearby if anything comes up. Auntie Beth has also invited the kids for a sleepover, and the grandparents are across town if there are any major, major emergencies. Scott knows the area well, so we will just tag along.

We will stay in a little cottage at about 10,000 feet and do day hikes. Nobody (except maybe me) really feels like going all the way to the summit this time since it’s pretty strenuous.  So that’s where we will be all this week – another spontaneous adventure! (We are told that buffalo graze around the cottages at night, so we will have to be careful ;-). Our friend Simon said he saw elephants at this site last year.

[Not even cell phone coverage.]

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