It’s a girl!!!

We have a big announcement!! Yes, you read right! We are adding a new member to our family!

For months, our Kenyan neighbors, Patrick and Violet Nabwera, have been sharing their plans to start missionary work among the Muslims in Mozambique. One of their big concerns was schooling and safety for Joy, Kiara’s best friend. Joy’s solution had been that she stay with us, and we had offered to keep her several times. She’s one of those delightful kids that already feels like part of our family, and she has a way of bringing peace into our home. We brought it up a several times – as recently as this past Thursday, when we had the whole family over for a farewell. Finally, they told us that they had decided to leave her in G*, a city a few hours from Nairobi, where their mission has a training center. Their mission has a hostel there for all the missionary kids to live while they attend the local government school. We didn’t think that was the best idea, but figured that it was not our decision.

To make a long story short, in the interim, we got some additional information about the hostel situation the next day, after a sleepless night for Christi, we talked them into letting Joy stay with us. Turns out they didn’t think we were really serious, and they had concerns about her paying school tuition here. Christi just responded, “She is your daughter, but as long as she lives with us, we will treat her as our own.”

So it’s official. We will have a new “daughter” starting in September. We will see how long she is able to remain part of our home. Our girls are thrilled. So that will be 4 kids on mattresses in the loft.

One thought on “It’s a girl!!!

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